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5 steps to help get your home SOLD!

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Selling your home can be quite the undertaking, but before you jump at your listing agent, try our 5 top tips to help get your property sold. With a little bit of work you can end up with thousands more in your pocket.

Check out this list of proven methods on how to sell your home for a great value and quickly.

Okay, so let's start with an obvious one (or so you would think)


Buyers in 2019 are the fussiest people to ever walk the face of the earth! But, without them, your property isn't going anywhere! So let's make them feel as comfortable as possible when they visit your home. So tip 1 is to make everything sparkle.

In my home, my wife and I did a large spring clean once we had signed that contract with the estate agent. I took the day off work, she dropped the kids to grandparents for the day and wiped down the windows, cleaned any furniture, counters, floors in every room. Now I must admit there was one room that we didn't get to clean (read step 2 to find out why). We tried to make the house look like a showroom, well, we did our best put it that way!

We wanted our home to be as welcoming as possible. It was a 1930’s semi-detached house and it wasn't the most modern property but the clean new look and re-arranging of furniture made our relatives "oooo, it looks nice in here!".

Look, the truth is, everyone likes a clean house and the intention was to make these buyers see themselves living in the property and by doing this we took one step closer to our buyer being able to do just that, because first impressions count.

Bonus Tip: If your fed up of cleaning your house, tell your agent to book a block viewing or an open house every week instead of one off viewings. No one likes rushing home from work to tidy up for a viewing booked by your agent the same day.


Please, for heavens sake, declutter! This is why (in tip 1) we didn't get to clean that extra room.

We decluttered all of the unnecessary things we did not need in our living roo ms, bedrooms,

bathrooms and kitchen. Remember, what we said in tip 1 , "show.. home!"

We put everything that we didn't need either in the bin or in boxes and stacking them neatly in the spare bedroom. What better way to get the packing process started!

The first 12 weeks of marketing is the most important so our number one recommendation is to pack a large portion of clutter and put it away, buyers can see past moving boxes but find it hard to see past the 32 multicoloured cushions you have in your 3 seater sofa.

By the way, these tips are based on the feedback we have gathered from buyers over the years of selling property. There is high percentage of people who are turned off by homes with too much house-hold items exposed during viewings.

Bonus Tip: It is always best to expect that your buyer does not have much of an imagination and will find it hard to look past what is, and what could be. So take a trip to your local Ikea and get those boxes, you have some work to do!

Tip 3) MAKE EASY, MANAGEABLE UPDATES - I know, blah blah blah! Heard it all before right?

Remember when you thought your property would be sold in a couple of weeks, because properties in your area "sell

quickly? " Now let me repeat. Make easy. Manageable. Updates, because you do not know how long your property will be sat on the market, the last thing you want is the buyers offering less than necessary because you have not kept up the maintenance of the property.

You don’t have to be a DIY'er, let's pretend thats a word, and no one is telling you to put a new roof on the property (Unless it's needed that is), but make small upgrades where possible or fix little things here and there, trust us, buyers notice the little things.

These updates can be things that you have been meaning to fix for a while or they can be quick swaps that make a huge difference such as door handles or light fitting etc. Small and cost-effective changes can be the difference between your property selling within weeks or sitting on the market for months.

Bonus Tip: Be proud of your little changes, boast them to the buyers or get your agent to let buyers know what you have done along the way. That way they know that the property is being well looked after.


For us, this is such an important step in the whole process of selling your home. In the UK this is not so important and as a matter-of-fact staging a property for sale in the UK is very rare. Which is perfect for you as a seller reading this as it will make the property stand out! You want prospective buyers to feel like they could live in your space. And, all the packing and minor changes you have already done, along with the decluttering and cleaning will help you make staging quite easy.

If you follow the tips above and your agent is successful in booking multiple viewings in one block viewing, staging will definitely help increase the offers on the property and create a warm welcome.

So try opening windows to allow a breeze to flow through, turning on all of the lights, set your dining table ready to dine, put some soft jazz music on and poor some sparkling fruit juice. Imagine yourself as the buyer,make them feel right at home. You want your buyers to feel relaxed when they enter the home and have a open mind to think about what they can do with the space available and you can show them how with this easy tip.

Bonus Tip: We know how much you love your pets. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but buyers might not. So, send them to the sitters for the day and focus your attention solely on your new purchasers.

Last but not least... Drum roll please.....!


Finally, we found that using a great agent who understands not only your needs but that of the buyers and has good

knowledge of the local property market can make all the difference.

How much experience does the property valuer have in your area? No, not the estate agency itself, the valuer! Are they experienced enough to price your house right in the very beginning to sell or are they fresh out of high school and happened to stumble into a job as a valuer?

A good agent will remove the stress and the hassle from the entire sale process for you and negotiate a price with a

buyer which best fits your needs. Having a pro-active agent is very important. You will need someone who can put your

property in front of buyers and sell it as suppose to just putting it on Rightmove and Zoopla to name a few and waiting on email enquiries or phone calls to come through. They need to be sales proactive and have different tactics if the property doesn't sell.

One of the most important things to ask your agent is what are your marketing strategies? You don't want to be the best homeseller in your area, putting in all the hard work detailed above to find out later that you have a terrible agent who does not care about the marketing of your property, 60 days might just turn out to be 160 days

Bonus Tip: Most agents will tell you "we can sell your property in..." A great question to ask them is, what will you do if my property is still on the market in 3-6 months? If they can answer that question confidently with a new strategy to that which they have pitched you for the first 3 months then they are worth a go.

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