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That Sounds Stupid!


For those who know me personally, you'll know that when I'm ready, I talk a lot! 

But when it comes to writing emails and my own content for some reason I get mind blocked and start talking myself out of writing because of one of the following three reasons:

1) I assume someone else has already said it.  2) I think "That sounds good" and within a few minutes I think "That sounds stupid"

3) How can I give my audience read worthy content WITHOUT pretending to be someone I'm not.

2019 seemed to explode with online "Guru's", people who have no experience selling courses they learned in a few hours online and charging thousands for the pleasure! That's not me, and not who I wish to be so over the next few weeks I am going to put my heart on my sleeve so you get to know the Elliotte in ElliotteOscar! 


I am determined to reach a goal here. I have always been ambitious and wanted to be successful, so much so that I ended up in a lot of debt trying to do so! Without strategy, without planning I just went for it and failed, and failed again, and again but the harsh truth slapped me in the face when my dad said to me a few years back

"Son, people don't owe you anything. When you realise that, your business will grow"

He was right! He changed my perception and in only a short period of time success was closer than ever. Instead of thinking people have to buy my products or have to work for me I started to focus on providing the best of me. Our customers, our agents and our clients don't owe us their time, their business or even the time of day, but now, they give it willingly because they know that they are receiving the very best service, and the very best of me. And that my friends, is the reason success is on our doorstep.

Does that sound stupid?

- Dale Elliotte (Director of ElliotteOscar Property Agents)

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